March Against Monsanto are also anti vax?

Anyone following Myles Powers YT channel is sure to at least be aware of March Against Monsantos anti GMO stance. Now that’s all  I thought they were against, until I checked their webpage, and I came across this article. Turns out they are anti vaccines as well.


They refer to CDC “whistleblower”, Dr. William Thompson. The conspiracy was about a paper that reported no link between autism in African American boys and the NMR vaccine. Brian Hooker poorly analysed the original data then published the poorly reanalysed the data from the study, which was later retracted.


Another article to discusses the pulling of the movie Vaxxed, while linking to another one of their blogs which the headline claims De Niro bowed to “Big Pharma”, while in the article stating that it was not clear- click bait article much?


The article has quotes from emails, which they claimed were sent to Think Twice Global Vaccine Insitute. However the emails basically amount to, my child received their MMR vaccine and then X days later they fell ill with Y illness. Even some of the stories state that the doctors examining their children state that the vaccines were not to blame (and probably gave the real reason, which was of course neglected to be mentioned… but I am just speculating). This is a logical fallacy, just because two things happens sequentially doesn’t mean they are related. It’s tempting to think that X happened prior to Y, there X caused Y, but in science that doesn’t work. For example, when I danced like this it rained, therefore my dance caused the rain? Sounds silly doesn’t it? But that’s the logic employed here.


It seemed weird to me at the time that March Against Monsanto was publishing anti vaccine posts, as I was not aware that they held such a stance. I decided to ask them via twitter to clarify their position ( I was assuming it may have been one or two bloggers and not representative of the whole movement).


They didn’t respond directly to me, but they did publish this blog.

How do we turn our backs on those so callously harmed or killed by a leading health agency in the name of profit for Big Pharma?

Oh you mean all those cases of measles that were caused by….not vaccinating? This study found that during an outbreak of measles in Manchester, most of the patients were either too young to receive the vaccine or were not vaccinated due to the bogus link between MMR and autism. Not to mention the eradication of polio and small pox.


Let’s also remember the landmark research conducted by Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT. Dr. Seneff has studied autism for nearly a decade, along with environmental factors that trigger diseases. Prior to her work in biology and toxicology, she worked as a computer scientist so people like to act like she is unqualified on the topic despite the significance of her findings.


What should immediately set of your skepticism alarm, is the she worked as a computer scientist, where she studied artificial intelligence. How is she qualified to even discuss toxicology and vaccines? She is qualified in biophysics, which is not relevant. But lets go on to see what she has to say.


Glyphosate is correlated with autism (see Fig 1). This is…piss poor, and we’re at the her first point!



Figure 1.


Correlation does not imply causation…you should know that line by now!!! See the previous link and check out what kind of freaky stuff you can prove using causation!


Although Dr. Seneff’s research is in the early stages, numerous families with autistic children, who have drastically altered their children’s eating habits by choosing organic diets and eliminating pesticides and other harmful toxins, have reported incredible results. Improvements in cognitive ability, speech, and social behavior were seen in just a few weeks. While this evidence is certainly circumstantial, it does support Dr. Seneff’s research

What evidence is this? Where is the peer review study? Oh wait…conspiracy… convenient.


You cannot intelligently and rationally say this phenomenon is the result of better screening processes or more accurate diagnoses. In 10 years, the autism rates have increased from 1/110 to 1/50


I find it hard to believe its due to this reason, so instead of seeing if its true or not, it must be what I think it is. Oh if such a mindset existed in the scientific community, nothing would be done.


Well looks like their anti – vaccine stance is as credible as their anti GMO stance, which is not a compliment.




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