Why Cant You Just Let Me Believe, It Gives Me Hope!

Once in a while, out of a handful of debates with theists, someone will come along and get emotional and throw this line at you like you’re the bad guy.

Frankly, it is just sad… that people are so suckered by faith.

Why am I the bad guy for asking the questions the theist is either afraid or too lazy to ask themselves?

Why am I the bad guy for pointing out the flaws and holes in their ideology and beliefs?

Why am I the bad guy for pointing out they have been victimized?

It doesn’t make any sense.

Lets say that your best friend or close family member saw an ad for a sweet deal that could make them a millionaire. All they had to do was give a man all their money and he would promise them 10 times more money back. Who would not like that?

However, once you learn that your friend/family member is about to go through with this deal, you do a bit of research and discover that this deal is a ponzi scheme. Upon this discovery, you warn your friend/family member and point out the problems with the “deal” and show the history of fraud (and it turns out it is quite easy to research and figure out).

And yet, despite all your info and warning, instead of listening to you, they say “how dare you! Why can’t you just let me go through of this! This deal gives me hope! It will give me a future. It gave something to live for!”

You can already see how sad that is.

They are soooo invested in this nonsensical scam that they have blinded themselves from seeing the facts and have twisted their own minds to think that their lives are meaningless without the promise of a reward.


And it is the same with religion. The believer may say that their faith gives them something to live for, that it gives them hope…. but it is a false hope. Hope built on falsehoods is a lie. It is only reasonable that the person who unveils the lie and false hopes are the good guys. Why is this not so in the minds of the religious and gullible?

To the best of my understanding, the reason why religious people react like this towards critics and skeptics is because in their mind, they think the nonbelievers are trying to take something away from them, rather than giving them something. Religion offers a unimaginable reward in the afterlife, or a reunion with loved ones, as long as you believe it. That is an attractive deal… but the problem is is that it is not evidently true.

Why believe something that is not evidently true? Why engage in unsupported wishful thinking? That is not reasonable whatsoever. Not only is it just being dishonest with yourself, it is also dangerous. False hope and faith can make a person do horrible things.

You “hope” your faith and preconceived notions (that obviously can’t be true) is actually true, and that faith turns around and poisons your ability to think logically or for yourself, it poisons your moral compass (sometimes often removes it completely), and makes a person delusional.

William James Bryan said,

If the Bible had said that Jonah swallowed the whale, I would believe it.” he also said, “If we have to give up religion or education, we should give up education.” – William James Bryan

A hundred years ago, Bryan was a presidential candidate. Several candidates in the 2012 race openly stated that they too want to undermine education and practically everything else we value in our government.

This is who the faithful imagine faith to be reasonable? THIS is insanity!

“Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but — more frequently than not — struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.” – Martin Luther

And the Son of God died; it is by all means to be believe, because it is absurd. And he was buried and rose again; the fact is certain because it is impossible.” [The Prescriptions Against The Heretics]

Voltair once said, ““Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

Once you accept a faith and preconceived notions as true, and you hope that your faith is right despite the obvious fact it is absurd, your faith demands that you hold onto your faith despite what the evidence says and must be guarded against all reason (this is what the faithful call the “armor of God”). Basically, close your mind and believe what you are told.

The list of horrible atrocities that false hope and faith can make a person do is long.

  • Witch hunts that continue to this day in Africa – despite the fact that witchcraft has already been proven false beyond reasonable doubt, and is nothing but mere superstition.

  • A mother kills her child because she thinks that her child is possessed (no worries, cuz she hopes her faith is true, and her faith tells her that her child is in Heaven, so no need to feel guilty.)

  • Kill the infidels – because your faith demands it and promises a reward in a realm that has never been proven to even exist.

    The list goes on and on

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