Refutation of Ray Comfort’s “The School of Biblical Evangelism” (Part 1)

 The School of Biblical Evangelism is a book authored by Ray Comfort,
published in 2004.
Well Mr. Banana-Man Comfort, it seems that you’ve been polluting society again by peddling your distinctive brand of deliberate misinformation and downright dishonesty. So once again I’ve taken it upon myself to correct your lies and expose you for the half-wit vile serial liar you really are.
Often times I’ve seen this book in the possession of street preachers, which is the reason why I decided to review this book. I wondered why these jokers have this book in their gospel arsenal. The text is meant to provide readers with 101 instructions to improve their evangelical skills to “reach out to the lost.” Basically it is a guideline book. The book mainly deals with attacking other worldviews and religions, defending Christianity from common tough questions that may be heard from street bystanders, and pushing Christian morality over secular morality.
However, I am not really that interested in reviewing the whole thing, like Lessons regarding Islam, Mormons, and such. I am not doing to defend a bunch of other superstitious from the propaganda of another superstitious sect. Those faiths for all I care can defend themselves from Ray Comfort’s lies. Since evangelical Christianity is the core religion being pushed in this book, it is evangelical Christianity’s assault on truth I will be addressing.
That being said, only a handful of the book’s Lessons will be addressed, the ones I have determined to be significant or relevant. Everything else would be a wasted effort.

Lesson 10: The Ten Commandments Part 6

Kirk’s Comment:
We can all agree that murder is a very serious sin. Most of us think we’re safe with this Commandment. But from God’s point of view, you and I are not so innocent. This is a sobering lesson.
“We can all agree that murder is a very serious sin”…Actually, Kirk Cameron and I could not disagree more. Not on the murder part, on the SIN part. Sin is an imaginary disease, and Kirk Cameron has never produced any evidence that sin is anything but an imaginary disease.
I, and anyone with a rational or moral mind, would never condone murder…but Kirk Cameron’s god (supposedly a loving and just god) absolutely loves condoning and commanding murder.
Another thing, Kirk Cameron has no problem with taking a life. In Chapter 10 in Kirk Cameron’s book Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith Leader’s Guide, 2009, Kirk Cameron asks the reader if they would kill Adolf Hitler if they had the opportunity, thus saving millions of people… Kirk says he would be hesitant to pull the trigger. Rather, Kirk says Jeffrey Dahmer was more evil than Hitler.
Kirk argues that if you find it justifiable to kill Hitler, then you should be fine with killing ALL murderers and rapists before they commit the crime. AND YET, Kirk said in the same book that he would not hesitate to kill a man who was going to rape and kill his mother (Kirk even quotes Scripture (1 Timothy 5:8) to defend his choice to murder said criminal). In this case, Kirk admits he would stop a murder/criminal before the crime took place. And yet, Kirk hesitates to stop a crime before being committed if it is against 6 million people who are not members of his family (all the while saying that another man like Dahmer is more evil than Hitler).
First, Ray
responds to the following statement “If abortion wasn’t legal, we’d have all those poor girls slipping off to see back-alley butchers. At least this way they’ll get counseling.” Ray answers: You’re right. Think of all those poor murderers who are consigned to slip around and kill in secret. We ought to legalize murder too! Then they can kill in a nice, clean, safe environment. They will be protected from getting splashed with blood that might contain diseases, and we can offer counseling so they won’t have any post-murder trauma from the choices they have made.
Ray’s fallacious argument is equating abortion with murder. However, in order for murder to take place, life must be present. There is no case in this book proving that abortion is murder or when life begins, making this “abortion=murder” piece all based on the personal beliefs of a pro-life religious and pseudoscientific zealot.
In this lesson we will look at the Sixth Commandment, and what it means in light of New Testament revelation: “You shall not kill” (Exodus 20:13). In the dim light of their ignorance, the world looks at the Sixth Commandment and proclaims itself “not guilty.” However, God requires truth in the inward parts (Psalm 51:6). In other words, He sees the thoughtlife— the intent, the innermost motive of every human being. If civil law can prove that you are planning to assassinate the President, you can be prosecuted and severely punished. That law, however, is limited in its search for evidence—it can’t see what a man thinks. Not so with the allseeing eye of our Creator. His Law searches the heart, and He sees “evil thoughts.” To even think hatred is to transgress the Sixth  Commandment. Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said by them of old time, You shall not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the
judgment: But I say to you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment” (Matthew 5:21,22). The Bible further adds that if we hate someone, we are murderers (1 John 3:15). There are many who would like to kill, but refrain because of fear of punishment. God counts them guilty of murder.
Even if we don’t have thoughts of physically murdering someone we hate, there is another sense in which we desire their death. John 8:44 says of the devil that “he was a murderer from the beginning.” While Satan didn’t go around physically killing men and women, by tempting Adam and Eve he did bring about the spiritual death of all mankind through sin (see Romans 5:12). If we hate someone, the last thought in our minds will be sharing the gospel with them out of concern for their salvation. In that sense, we too become a murderer, desiring the person’s eternal death, by not giving them the words of life.
In other words: “Anonymous code-name-John said this…the non-existent devil did something to a non-existent couple…he didn’t kill them, he just extinguished their Aura…and that’s bad.” Really, that is another way to loos at what Ray Comfort just said.
Some states have laws that declare a bystander guilty for standing by and failing to prevent a crime. In the same way, God declares us guilty of murder if we stand by and do nothing to prevent someone’s eternal death. Their blood is on our hands (see Ezekiel 3:18).
One big problem Ray, and to put it plainly: that’s bullshit.
How can something that does not exist declare us guilty of anything? How can one prevent someone’s eternal death when everyone ends up dead? 99% of every species that ever existed on this planet is extinct, and everything alive today will die eventually.
Sixty people are murdered each day in the United States (FBI statistics reveal an average of around 20,000 murders per year). Homicide has become so common that it hardly merits a mention on the news. Some time ago, Thomas Lyndon Jr. of Rocky Point, Long Island, confessed to the murder of a woman during a robbery. He admitted that he held the point of a four-inch hunting knife to her throat, and then “dug it in a little deeper” after she awoke and began to struggle. He said that after Lea Greene stopped moving, “I counted her heartbeats out of curiosity to see how long it’d take her to die . . . I knew
exactly what I was doing . . . I knew it was against the law. . . I felt powerful—invincible, sort of, you know?” How true are the words of Charles Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers: “Look at fallen human nature. Whitefield used to say that it was half beast and half devil. I question whether both beast and devil are not slandered by being compared with man when he is left to his own.”
Using the words of sociopath…how about using the words of a man of god?
In our day, abortion is another common occurrence. Many people try to convince themselves that the unborn child is nothing but a “blob of tissue,” making it acceptable to destroy. But at 21 days gestation, the
child’s heart is beating, and at 40 days brain waves can be measured. If by our medical criteria a life is ended when there is no heartbeat or brain activity, then surely by their presence we can assert that life has begun. The Bible tells us that taking the life of the unborn is clearly murder: “He slew me not from the womb; or that my mother might have been my grave” (Jeremiah 20:17), and God vowed to punish those who “ripped up the women with child” (Amos 1:13). God, the Creator of life, commanded us, “Do not shed innocent blood” (Jeremiah 7:6).
Ray Comfort does not provide any references to his statements when parts of the fetus start operating, but does these indicate when life starts.
Leviticus 1 and 6 says that if you break gods commandments, then you will be punished in this life and not the next. Exodus 20 through 31 contradict this saying that the punishment for any transgression is a death sentence, but not damnation. We know it is not damnation because Matthew 5:19 Jesus says those who ignores any of these commandments shall be called least in heaven (so you can still get to heaven, despite for breaking the rules on the Sabbath). Leviticus 27 gives us a completely different set of commandments, which the Bible describes as THEE commandments the Lord commanded Moses to give to the sons of Israel on Mt. Sinai. However, the commandments given in Leviticus 27 are no more than christ-list for the purchases of slaves, livestock and real estate all in an outdated monetary system. According to god, a teenage boy costs 20 shekels, but under-aged girls can be purchased at half price. Why would a timeless, omnipresent entity with infinite knowledge and wisdom in grace be so bigoted and provagalent? Why would it endorse slavery? Why would a just deity require parents to sell their daughter to a rapist? Why does this God order people to break his own commandments on occasion? There are indications that God forbids children to be traumatized sex slaves, that god also condones capital murder of disobedient children, and that god endorses abortion. Chapter 5 in the book of Numbers tries to tell how to test whether your wife has been unfaithful; you drag her to the priest, who mixes up a potion that is essentially filth and water enchanted by pyrotechnic display and a prayer for gods assistance. If her belly bloats and her womb discharges, meaning that she miscarries, then she is guilt of infidelity. If not, she was faithful all along, but still does not get an apology for her domineering addictive husband. It is also important to note here that Hebrew tradition, according to the Talmud, the fetus is only water for the first 45 days, after that and until birth, it is regarded as one of its mother’s thighs. According to Genesis 30, thigh also refers to the groin area.
Some equate capital punishment with murder, and cite Jesus’ command to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44) as evidence that He did not endorse capital punishment. However, just because we have love for an enemy doesn’t give us the right to allow him to escape punishment for murder. The Bible says, “Let every soul be subject to the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
Whosoever therefore resists the power, resists the  ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation . . .But if you do that which is evil, be afraid; for he bears not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that does evil” (Romans 13:1–4).
So Christians like Ray Comfort say “SCREW JESUS” when it comes to capital punishment? They just toss him out the window when it comes to certain things they don’t agree with?
When you love someone, aren’t you meant to forgive them? Isn’t that what love is?
If that is not what love is, and you can love a person and still punish them for their wrong-doings, IS DEATH THE RIGHT ANSWER? Taking a life is murder right? So when you take the life of another, even if they are bad people, doesn’t that make you a murderer?

The Bible says that anyone who deliberately takes a life should lose his own: “Whoso kills any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses: but one witness shall not testify against any person to cause him to die. Moreover you shall take no satisfaction for the life of a murderer, which is guilty of death: but he shall be surely put to death” (Numbers 35:30,31). Genesis 9:6 says, “Whoso sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” This shows the value God places on human life.

Really, you’re quoting the Old Testament to justify your beliefs on capital punishment over Jesus?
The seriousness of a crime is revealed in the punishment dealt to the criminal. It is interesting to note that when Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh
requested the death penalty, 250 relatives of the victims he killed asked to watch his execution. Their desire to actually see justice done testifies to the value they place on the loved one they lost. Despite claims to the contrary, capital punishment does deter crime. The person executed will not do it again.
“Capital punishment does deter crime”…another example of Ray Comfort living in a fantasy land and not ever bothering to do any research in the real world before publishing nonsense.
The actual facts show that the States that have the death penalty actually have the highest crime rates, whereas the States that don’t have the death penalty have the lowest crime rates.
Still, there are respected Christian leaders whose conscience will not allow them to advocate capital punishment, out of concern that innocent people may fall through the cracks of a godless justice system. That is why such extensive effort is expended to ascertain the guilt of the accused in a capital murder case. However, despite civil law’s imperfections, we are told to be subject to the governing authorities.
Of a “godless” justice system…that is called civil law, not religious law. Can you imagine if we changed the judicial law of the land to Shariah Law? Shariah Law already scared a large number of Americans that some States actually passed laws prohibiting their State will ever fall victim to it. In the same respect, civil law does not allow any religious laws in. If it did, America would still own slaves and stone homosexuals in the streets.
It was God who instituted the death penalty in the beginning. The Judge of the Universe pronounced the death sentence upon all humanity when He said, “The soul that sins, it shall die” (Ezekiel 18:20).
So God is pro-death. God did not say the punishment for disobeying me or sinning will be unwanted fat. He did not say sudden boils that can only go away if you please me.He did not say that the punishment would be hair loss, loss of vision or hearing, or anything that can be restored if you behave accordingly.
No. God “the benevolent” chose death as punishment.

Lesson 12: The Ten Commandments Part 8

Kirk’s Comment: This Commandment really serves to wake up the conscience. It is wonderfully effective in alerting individuals to the serious condition of their hearts. Remember, petty theft is still theft.

So when Jesus told his disciples to take a horse (without asking or leaving behind payment) so he could ride into Jerusalem was not theft?

First, Ray responds to the question “Aren’t there some circumstances when violating God’s Law is justified?” Ray answers with the following: A man’s wife is dying. She needs medicine that is available at only one store, and it’s currently closed. They’re too far from any hospital, and the man doesn’t have enough money to buy the medicine even if the store were open. So he breaks in that night, steals the medicine (and doesn’t touch anything else), and saves his wife’s life. Is this morally incorrect? Is this a sin? The Bible says, “Men do not despise a thief, if he steals to satisfy his soul when he is hungry; but if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house” (Proverbs 6:30,31). If a man steals to save the life of his wife, he “steals.” He is therefore guilty of breaking both man’s law and God’s Law. However, any reasonable judge would take into account the motive for his transgression and be merciful. Obviously, God will do the same on Judgment Day with those who have found themselves in such a predicament. God will do what is right. However, if you dig a little into the motive of the person who is asking whether breaking the law is ever justifiable, you will likely find that neither he nor a loved one is in a life-or-death predicament; he is merely creating imaginary scenarios to try to justify his love of sin.

So Ray Comfort here is saying that the motives is what counts if you are good or bad…then why keep telling people “all thieves and liars are headed for the pit of hell” Rev. 21:8 and not point out the “motive” factor that could negate that supposed fate?

If petty theft is sill theft, and yet these supposed “absolute” rules can be relaxed if you did them with good intentions, then this comes to show how relative God’s “perfect Moral Law” really is. The law is full of “Thou shall not” in absolute terms and does not give hint of any “except when…” cases. If you are ordered to never steal, then should you be expected to never steal?

Addressing the last part, Ray Comfort is accusing people of creating fictional scenarios to avoid a imaginary punishment. This is complete bollocks because these “fictional scenarios” are not fictional because THEY DO HAPPEN. Asking moral questions regarding sicking ships are legitimate questions, because tragic events like the Titanic take place. Asking moral questions like stealing medicine to save a life is a legitimate question because it does happen. These moral questions are not being asked to defend an imaginary concept like sin.

In this lesson we will look at the Eighth Commandment: “You shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15). Most people don’t think that God considers theft to be theft until the value of what is taken impresses Him. However, if I open your wallet and take just one dollar, I’m a thief, and the Bible says that thieves will not enter the kingdom of God. What would be worth stealing for the loss of your soul? Jesus asked, “What is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Matthew 16:26).

*Buzzer* WRONG. Stealing a dollar will not make you lose your chances of getting into Heaven. Leviticus 1 and 6 says that if you break gods commandments, then you will be punished in this life and not the next. Exodus 20 through 31 contradict this saying that the punishment for any transgression is a death sentence, but not damnation. We know it is not damnation because Matthew 5:19 Jesus says those who ignores any of these commandments shall be called least in heaven (so you can still get to heaven, despite for breaking the rules on the Sabbath).

So, as a Christian, you can steal one dollar or a trillion dollars. It does not matter, you will still be called least in Heaven, but you can still get into Heaven. What is the one thing you have to do to get into Heaven: believe in Jesus. Repentance is the next step, but it requires you believe first, otherwise what’s the point?

So in essence, you can steal every bank in all the Continents and swindle a bunch of stocks, you can still get into Heaven…just as long as you end up believing in jesus.

Moving on, does stealing one dollar make you a thief? How about if you take something that is already stolen? In the Torah, 194, it says all stolen goods should be returned to their owners. As pointed out the film “God on Trial” this passage was pointed out to the Jewish inmates in Auschwitz. The Jewish inmates had to obey the camp rules to keep their shoes clean to avoid punishment or even death. In order to do that they had to grease their shoes. However, when grease became unavailable or difficult to get, they stole the grease from the workshop…and never gave it back. Ergo, by Comfort’s logic (as well as the conclusion in the film), all the Jewish inmates were thieves and they died as thieves. Here is the kicker, they had no choice but to steal. They even declared that in the film, they had no choice. They had to survive. Who can blame them? Apparently god does. What a fictional fuckwit.

It is a sad testimony to the wickedness of the human heart when the world honors an honest person. Someone finds a wallet filled with money and returns it to the owner—and that makes national news. It is rare when a human being does what he should. Theft comes easily to us because our spiritual father is a thief. He came to steal, kill, and destroy, and his will we willingly do… and love it. As a child I would use an eel spear connected to a piece of rope to spear apples in my neighbor’s yard and pull them through the hedge onto our property. We had apples at home, but the stolen apples tasted sweeter.

It becomes national news??? What television are you watching Ray?

First of all, there is no indication or evidence that we have a “spiritual father,” and assuming that there is one, we have NO WAY to prove that spiritual father is the ONLY spiritual father….who could be named Loki.

This scene with Ray Comfort stealing apples from the neighbors, taken at face value, is pointless. Perhaps the stolen apples taste sweeter is because they were fresh and organic, instead of coming from the super market that sat on the shelves for a while or had been sprayed with chemicals to look good. So the taste of stolen apples may not have anything whatsoever to do with them being stolen. They are just tasty because they are tasty.

We don’t realize how sin crouches at the door of the human heart. Many would never consider theft until temptation arises. Take for instance the situation on May 14, 1993, in Chicago, when $600,000 fell out of an armored truck onto the interstate. Panic-stricken motorists screeched their vehicles to a halt and stuffed bills into their pockets. Motorcyclists were seen cramming their helmets with cash, and speeding off into the distance. Two paramedics handed police $120,000. They returned the cash only because they suspected it was drug money and therefore “marked.” Around $450,000 is still missing.

Sin only crouches in the imagination of the gullible.

If a cargo of food fell out of a low-flying plane in the middle of a third-world country, could you blame the hungry locals for scavenging the food, or taking the food to last them through the winter?

Sinners will often dig deep into the realm of fantasy to try to justify theft. They will say, “Are you telling me that if a man steals a loaf of bread to feed his starving children that God calls that theft?” The answer is yes. It is theft and the Bible says that he should make restitution for his crime. If a man is hungry, he should beg before he steals. A sinner will often admit to stealing but say that it was just a bar of candy when he was young. Or he will say that he has stolen once, but has since reformed. He must be told that time doesn’t forgive sin, and that God still sees the sins of yesterday as if they were committed today. Stop his mouth using the Law (Romans 3:19). Show him that the only way to escape the terrible consequences of his sin is the Door of the Savior. Let the hurricane of the wrath of the Law of God blow far from him the scanty leaves of self-righteousness. Have him admit his transgression by name—that he is a thief. Then point to (and have him read) 1 Corinthians 6:9,10.

“Sinners will often dig deep into the realm of fantasy to try to justify theft” – oh the bloody irony…if you look past the B.S., the sinners are just gullible believers in nonsense. How else can such people justify immoral actions like burning children or expelling demons by suffocating kids.

Where does the Bible say that “he should make restitution for his crime” for stealing a loaf of bread (or whatever) to help another human being. This is an act called altruism. Don’t we as a society consider Robin Hood a folk hero? Well, according to Ray Comfort’s interpretation of the Bible, Robin Hood is hell-bound for saving lives.

Last note, if the answer to “is stealing to save or feed someone else wrong?” is YES, then why did Ray Comfort bring up that question about stealing medicine for a relative earlier. Ray Comfort did not straight-forward say “that was wrong,” rather he weaseled around it and concluded that “it depends on the motive and circumstance.”

So which is it? Is stealing always wrong, even if it means to save or feed another person?

Is it “the answer is yes” or “it depends on the motive and circumstances.”

It seems Ray Comfort is playing both sides of the camp to stay popular with the modernists and the fundamentalists. Ray Comfort’s moral message is conflicted, and ultimately useless.

Charles Finney said, “This Law, then, should be arrayed in all its majesty against selfishness and enmity of the sinner. All men know that they have sinned, but all are not convicted of the guilt and ill dessert of sin. But without this they cannot understand or appreciate the gospel method of salvation. Away with this milk-and-water preaching of a love of Christ that has no holiness or moral discrimination in it. Away with preaching a love of God that is not angry with sinners every day.”

All men know they have sinned in the same sense every man knows that they have damaged or color-stained their Auras.

“Away with … preaching the love of Christ that has no holiness or MORAL DISCRIMINATION in it” – this is exactly what Ray Comfort did regarding stealing.

On one hand he says the answer to stealing is it’s always wrong, and on the other hand he said it depends on the motive and other factors.

With no clear single message in this whole piece, this was nothing but a waste of time.

Lesson 13: The Ten Commandments Part 9

Kirk’s Comment: Is a white lie still a lie? Is half of the truth only half of a lie? If you tell a lie for a “good reason,” is it still a sin? What qualifies us as a liar? By whose standards will we be judged?

If you tell a lie, is it a sin? Absolutely not, for the simple reason there is no proof to justify that sin even exists other than an imaginary disease. If you lie, you are as much as a sinner as you are becoming a Sith Lord.

Who judges liars? If you lie to your sibling on which hockey team won the game last night, the house cat will not care. Who will care that you lied? Your sibling will care. Lies only hurt those who are affected by the lies. Lies are judged by humans, by those are are harmed by the lies.

A great example of a lie hurting countless numbers of people is religion, faith and superstitions. Religions are based on the dishonesty of faith. Faith is dishonest. Religions wrap themselves in a blanket of self-endorsed delusions that lead them to surrendering their moral compasses and their rationality.

Here is an example of religion using lies to harm others: Children being branded as witches and blamed for famines and floods. They are ostracized by their parents, starved, tortured, and killed.

What can we say about this? Well, we know that these disasters (famines, floods, etc) are not due to magic but natural processes. So even before having to consider the moral dimension, we can reject this behavior outright as resulting from a false view of how nature works. What makes it a moral matter is what kind of harm it involves. For things that cause no harm, moral condemnation simply is not appropriate.

Are the parents in this society morally blameworthy if they are genuinely ignorant of their wrongdoing? We do not call well-fed cats who kill mice, or small children who crayon on expensive wall paper immoral, because we do not contribute them with the capacity to grasp reasons for not doing so. People who harm children as witches may have their capacity for reason undermined by false teachings and so be less blameworthy than knowing abusers. In a very important sense, moral responsibility can be said to operate within limits of education. This is why education, especially in science, is crucial to moral progress. Among other things, it helps eliminate our vulnerability to superstition-based abuse. Knowing better leaves us no excuse for not doing better. Once the justification for harmful practices is shown as false, there is literally no reason for it to continue.

This scenario is about dehumanization, when the witch-finder convinces a parent that her child is evil (even demonic) this is a potent way of eroding empathy – an adaptive pro-social trait (lacking in psychopaths) which keeps us sensitive to others suffering. During WWII, Jews were seen as vermin by their persecutors, some paint the non-religious as degenerate or hell-fodder. Dehumanizing people is a known method for diminishing compassion and the guilt felt when abusing them. We learn much from history and the present day about the horrors it can enable.

First, Ray responds to a question like “You mean that if some lady asks you if you think she is ugly, you have to tell her the truth—that she is?” Ray responses with: Let the person know that there is a big difference between discretion (wise self-restraint in speech) and lying (a false statement intended to deceive), and that God knows the difference.

Next, Ray asks if Christians should ever lie? For instance, would they lie to a Nazi that they are hiding Jews in their house? Ray says “Perhaps the answer is that it is the ”motive” that matters. However, the issue depends on the conscience of each individual.”

Right after, Ray states the following;

“The dictionary defines a lie as a false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood; something intended to deceive or give a wrong impression. People often claim that they have told only a “white lie.” But there is no difference between a white lie, a half-truth, a fib, or an exaggeration. All are lies in the sight of God. How many murders does one have to commit to be a murderer? Just one. In the same way, if they have told even one lie, no matter what color or size, that makes them a liar. The Ninth Commandment requires the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. God is a God of truth and His Law demands absolute honesty from the heart. Yet the human heart is deceitful above all things. It has been well said that taking the easy path is what makes rivers and men crooked.

So lets get this straight,

1) God knows the difference between a lie and discretion.

2) Discretion is a statement of falsehood with good intentions.

3) A Lie is a statement of falsehood.

4) The 9th Commandment demands we speak ONLY the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

5) Discretion is not the full truth, regardless of intentions.

So basically, number 3 says that even discretion is a flat out lie, and God knows it as well as the motive (you just don’t want to upset someone), and yet God deems this as a big fat lie despite the motives and thus the liar deserves eternal punishment.

In summary, there is no grey-area. If you lie or tell a half-truth with discretion to a person for whatever reason, then according to Ray’s Christianity, the ultimate judge of the universe deems you guilty punishable by burning in a pit FOREVER, even if you lie to save a life. I guess God must have been furious at Rahab, right? Nope, God did not punish her for lying to the authorities about hiding fugitives. In fact, James called her “righteous” for lying. Likewise, the 12 founders of the 12 tribes of Israel, who all lied to their father about their youngest brother, must’ve made God furious, right? Apparently God was cool with that, he never punished them, rather he deemed them worthy to become leaders of the Jewish people.

So, either Ray Comfort, the self-proclaimed Christian, is either lying about his God’s views towards the 9th Commandment, or Ray is displaying that God is inconsistent. If God hated all lies and wanted to be consistent, then he would have struck down Rahab instead of calling her “righteous.”

Given that the issue still remains there is no evidence for the existence of any god(s), what we are dealing with here is a religious belief held by Ray Comfort. It’s only the belief that some cosmic entity will punish liars without a lick of evidence for this ever being true, and to top it all of we see here that this belief is inconsistent with the very sacred text it derives itself from. Based on this, it is safe to say the 9th Commandment is a hallow rule with no real meaning or purpose. This is quite evident when a self-proclaiming Christian like Ray Comfort declares lies on a daily bases towards proven science and certain groups of people.

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