Atheism is the best kind of cool, and I can actually prove it

Thanks to The Friendly Atheist on social media, an article was brought to my attention that cracked me the fuck up. A guy named Matthew Archbold (let’s call him Matty), a “former journalist” (and apparently a self-qualified specialist on whats “Cool”), posted an article on the National Catholic Register called “Atheism is the Uncoolest Choice Ever, and I Can Prove […]

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Response to “10 Reasons to accept the Resurrection as a Fact”

About a month ago, author David Fitzgerald hosted a contest on social media. And yours truly won the contest. As a reward, David agreed to come onto the show.   What was the contest about? Around Easter, a Christian site ReasonsForJesus posted an article listing 10 Claims that “Prove” that Jesus did in fact rise from the dead. The “claims” […]

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Response: 10 Reasons why apologists fail to understand ex-Christian Millennials

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, for that I apologize to any readers who enjoy my work. I’ve been wanting to find the time to write, and recently I was certain I would do a piece on the Pureflix’s film “The Case for Christ” – the story about the life and conversion of Christian apologist (mostly stooge) Lee […]

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No, I do not “borrow” from the Christian worldview


I’ve been wanting to make a blog post about this for some time, back when this form of argument was widely used by apologists, but better late then never. I’ve often heard presuppositionists and creationist apologists throw this argument around when discussing about logic, science and morality: “Your just borrowing from my worldview.” Every time I hear this kindergarten type […]

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Refutation of Ray Comfort’s book “Nothing Created Everything: The Scientific Impossibility of Atheistic Evolution”

This is my quick review and critical analysis of Ray Comfort’s book. On the back cover of this book, Ray Comfort says his goal is to, “He [Ray Comfort] demonstrates that when it comes to explaining how life began, atheists and evolutionists offer faith not facts. Ironically, atheists insist nothing created everything, a scientific impossibility. In a conversational tone, Comfort […]

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Refutation of Ray Comfort’s “Mark Twain: A Christian Response to His Battle with God”


Oh Ray,  I should inform my readers that this post will not cover each chapter (though it may be updated over time) because I read Ray Comfort’s books for free online through Google Books, because I do not wish to send a penny on this lying sad excuse for a apologist. But from what I have seen thus far, Ray […]

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