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Fighting tooth and nail against religion and faith.

I am an apistevist, meaning I reject faith as a failed epistemology.

I am an Igtheist or theological noncognivitist (basically God is meaningless since there is no unambiguous coherent definition), but given that I lack any belief in gods to begin with, that makes me by definition a atheist as well.


  • Tom Wood

    By your own definition you are an agnostic. Just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist.
    When your life ends I hope that it is not before you gain understanding that God is real, you will see and know.
    Your rejection of God and religion doesn’t make you an Atheist.
    You cannot prove that there is no God. A true Atheist is not a person who doesn’t not believe in A God but who knows there is no God. In essence there is no true Atheist.
    Lack of empirical evidence in your eyes is proof that you have been deceived and refutation of religion on your part is futile. Fighting tooth and nail? Waste of a life.
    Sad, but a true an Atheist doesn’t believe in anything, that is no faith in anything, that leaves you with no morals and no consequence of any wrong doing. A person who has declared themselves an Atheist is a person who cannot be trusted.
    There is no truth in a declared Atheist.
    While you can take on many names of what you are, I would be careful as truth with find you out one day.
    Without you realizing you have become a victim of your own faith, you have faith in knowledge and that is your salvation, you are justifying your belief on knowledge of things that you have chose to see and those that you choose not see are not seen by you. This is called deception and your life and very existence is futile and worth nothing.
    While you are trying to something worth meaning you have made yourself worthless.
    In the end you have made yourself to less than an animal even you calling yourself a wolf you had made yourself less than a wolf.
    Sad very sad.
    In the end you will be without excuse my friend.

    • TheGodlessWolf

      By the very definition of “atheist,” I am an atheist. The original Greek word, atheos: a- meaning ‘without’, and theos meaning ‘god’. Other words in the English language, like amoral (lacking morality) and asexual (lacking sexual attaction) also testify to this definition of atheism as the lack of belief in a god. Since I lack belief in Gods, that means by definition I fit the definition of atheist. I am also a agnostic, since “gnosis” deals with knowledge, not belief. Since I don’t know if there is a God, that makes me agnostic, but since theism deals with “belief” and lack said belief, therefore I am an atheist. This is why atheists commonly call themselves Agnostic Atheists because while they don’t know there is a God(s) they still live their lives day by day lacking any belief that any god(s) are real. I go a slight step further and identify as Igtheist (or Ignosticism).

      //Just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist.//
      By your logic, just because you don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy does not mean she doesn’t exist.
      Learn what “burden of proof” means. Having no evidence or reason to believe in something is damn good reason to not believe it.

      //When your life ends I hope that it is not before you gain understanding that God is real, you will see and know.//
      Speculation presented as fact without evidence. Have you ever died and “checked behind the curtain”? If not, then your words are meaningless.

      //Your rejection of God and religion doesn’t make you an Atheist.//
      Yes, it does. By definition.

      //You cannot prove that there is no God.//
      Who proved there is a God to begin with?

      //A true Atheist is not a person who doesn’t not believe in A God but who knows there is no God.//
      You are confusing gnosism (knowledge) with theism (belief). An atheist, by it’s very wording a-theist means “without god,” which means lack of belief. Like I said earlier, most atheists call themselves Agnostic Atheists, though some are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no God so they identify as Gnostic Atheists. I on the other hand point out that since there is no coherent definition of what God even is, no one can effectively prove there is a God, hence I identify as a Igtheist as well as atheist.

      //Lack of empirical evidence in your eyes is proof that you have been deceived//
      Demonstrate one empirical evidence to prove me wrong.
      I’ll wait.

      //Sad, but a true an Atheist doesn’t believe in anything//
      You continue to display your ignorance of what words mean. Atheism means “lack of belief in gods” not “lack belief in anything.” Atheists believe in MANY things. Yet you are confusing atheism with nihilism. They are two separate distinctive views.

      //that is no faith in anything//
      Atheism doesn’t mean “no faith” in anything. I call myself an Apistevist, THAT is what means “no faith” which is why I included it in this Section. The reason why I discard faith is because it is a flawed and failed epistemology. Ask a Muslim and a Christian how they know their gods are real, at the end of the day both answer “it all comes down to faith” but neither of their faiths can be right at the same time, so faith is not a reliable method to reach what is true.

      //that leaves you with no morals and no consequence of any wrong doing.//
      Atheism does not lead to amorality or apathy, there are numerous schools of ethics that are compatible with atheism (Epicureanism, Stoicism, Logical Positivism, Objectivism, Axiological Morality, Egalitarianism, Humanism, Consequentialism, Anarchism, Utilitarianism, Relativism and/or Contextual Morality, etc etc etc).

      //In the end you have made yourself to less than an animal//
      Even if you call yourself a theist or believer, whatever you call yourself, you are still a animal regardless. Just as whatever I call myself, I am still an animal. Labels and beliefs do not change what you are, you cannot escape biology. Even if you insist you are “made in the image of God” you still remain a hominid (primate). For all the reasons a duck is a bird, and a whale is a mammal, and a iguana is a lizard, all humans (including yourself) is a primate. “Primates” are collectively defined as any gill-less, organic RNA/DNA protein-based, metabolic, metazoic, nucleic, diploid, bilaterally-symmetrical, endothermic, digestive, tryploblast, opisthokont, deuterostome coelemate with a spinal chord and 12 cranial nerves connecting to a limbic system in an enlarged cerebrial cortex with a reduced olfactory region inside a jawed-skull with specialized teeth including canines and premolars, forward-oriented fully-enclosed optical orbits, and a single temporal fenestra, -attached to a vertebrate hind-leg dominant tetrapoidal skeleton with a sacral pelvis, clavical, and wrist & ankle bones; and having lungs, tear ducts, body-wide hair follicles, lactal mammaries, opposable thumbs, and keratinized dermis with chitinous nails on all five digits on all four extremities, in addition to an embryonic development in amniotic fluid, leading to a placental birth and highly social lifestyle.

      //In the end you will be without excuse my friend.//
      Without excuse… one of the many ways religions try to make it look like they’ve back you into a corner. “Look at the trees, the clouds, the seas… they clearly exist, so someone had to have made it.” Using Nature itself to claim as proof that their God exists. Christianity is not the only religion that can play that game. Like I said, it’s a common tactic. Just look at Islam. They don’t use Nature, they say the fact that YOU exist proves Allah. In Islam there is the Primordial Covenant, in which it claims that before you existed Allah created your soul. Before your soul entered Earth, you vowed to Allah that he is the one true God, and when you die and return you cannot claim ignorance or “excuse” yourself by claiming that you were raised by the wrong faith by your parents. Hard to argue that you don’t exist, so Islam has backed you into a corner and claimed you are without excuse to deny Allah.

      Or how about something a little more modern: Scientology. Scientology is full of weird beliefs, one of which is that they ask people if they have had or have any negative emotions, stress, fears, or even the occasional bad days. This undeniably happens to everyone. And the Scientologists claim that these things are caused by thetans infesting your soul and you need to be audited. Look at that, Scientology backed you into a corner and offered your the solution.

      It’s the same game, different theologies. They can’t all be right, but they can all be wrong. So when the Bible claims that you are “without excuse,” it’s dead wrong. A God that fails to provide sufficient evidence of it’s presence is without excuse. I would expect the greatest conceivable being to have that the theistic conception of god clearly does not have. I would expect the greatest conceivable being would be whose existence nobody could deny. That’s clearly not true with Yahweh, which is disbelieved by billions of theists and polythiests of various faiths and by billions of people who don’t believe in any god.

    • Hank

      Tom Wood. Why are you so angry at the Wolf?

    • Chente

      Tommy boy. Who do you hate more? Your father or your mother? No is born with so much. And I doubt you spend one second of your life feeling sad for the Godless Wolf.

  • Greetings ‘Godless wolf’. How can I email you, privately? My name is Mrs. Pam Lane. I just desired to have a dialogue with you, after the review you made of Atheism Kills. I have not yet read the book, but I intend to. I am a LDS Christian. I desire to share some most important things with you. BTW, have you read the C. S. Lewis book: Mere Christianity? Most sincerely, Pam L. Thank you.

    • TheGodlessWolf

      Hello Pam. There is no private email, TWL’s email goes to the whole podcast crew to maximize response time to invitations to our podcast, which we prefer to keep it that way though it doesn’t stop the haters sending hate mail. I strongly prefer dialogue in the comment sections of my blogs, but if that is out of the question, send an email to TWL with the heading being directed at me. And to answer your question: I found Lewis’s book, while well written, very shallow and unconvincing.

  • Sarah

    Hi, I really like your critique of the Atheism Kills book. It was very informative, thank you. I have been agnostic for a long time, I tried to become a Christian a few weeks ago, but it was giving me death anxiety about considering a heaven and a hell. (and who gets to go….?) Anyway, I snapped back into being my agnostic self, and this definitely helps. Thanks again.

    • TheGodlessWolf

      Thank you, I’m very glad that you liked my review. It took a lot of effort to do and a lot of headaches, but if my blogs can help even one person, then it’s all worth it.

  • Sarah

    Hi Godless Wolf, I have many people talking to me about NDE. Even sending me links to the NDE foundation website. What is your opinion on near-death experiences, and do you have a blog about that?

    • TheGodlessWolf

      Theists have presented cases of NDE’s to me for a long time, so I’ve seen my fair share and researched the causes of such experiences. I have no blog dedicated specifically to NDE’s, most of my blogs that cover NDE’s give the short and sweet explanation of what they are and how the happen, as well as links to studies to back up my points.

      Raymond Moody termed the phrase “near death experiences” in 1975 in his book, Life After Life. Of those who have NDE, some of the common features include a feeling of extraordinary peace, out-of-body experiences, a sensation of being in a tunnel often ending by experiencing a brilliant white or golden light, and the “inner setting.” The “inner setting” refers to a feeling of being in heaven or a comparable setting such as being surrounded by flowers, trees, mountains, rivers, or streams.

      As much as some would like to use NDEs as proof that God, heaven, and a life-after-death exists, NDEs are most likely due to severe lack of oxygen to the brain. In the hippocapmpal portion of the temporal lobes this results in the release of two excitatory neurotransmitters, glutamate and aspartic acid, both which cause nerve cell death. In a last ditch effort to prevent this, two endogenous psychedelic compounds are released—alpha- and beta-endopsychosin. Although they bind to and block the action of the NMDA receptors, thus preventing or delaying nerve cell death, they also produce spiritual sensations. This, in combination with the release of endorphins, produces a pain-free state of peaceful bliss. This biological explanation in no way detracts the power of NDEs to produce life-long spiritual changes.

      The brain is a very fascinating marvel, and to understand how “spiritual experiences” can occur naturally, such as the result of an NDE, all it takes is a basic understanding of how the brain works for it all to make sense. The temporo limbic system consists of the temporal lobes and the amygdala and hippocampal portion of the limbic system. The latter two structures serve as the site of emotional memory. Different studies show that a wide range of factors that influence temporal lobe function can produce hallucinations, paranormal, spiritual, mystical, and religious experiences. These factors include the electrical stimulation of the temporal lobes; spontaneous temporal lobe epileptic auras and seizures; trauma; the severe anoxia of near death, G-forces and carbon dioxide inhalation; psychedelic drugs; speaking in tongues; and many environmental stressors. A number of investigations have shown that deep temporal lobe stimulation in the area around the amygdala and hippocampus of the limbic system produces feelings of intense meaningfulness, of depersonalization, of a connection with God, of cosmic connectedness, of out-of-body experiences, a feeling of not being in this world, déjà vu (a feeling that something has been experienced before), jamais vu (a feeling something is happening for the first time even though it has been experienced before), fear, and hallucinations.

      In addition, the superior temporal gyrus, the hippocampus, and the surrounding ectorhinal cortex have been shown to be the site of a sense of the self in space. Aberrant functioning of this area can result in the out-of-body sensations, depersonalization and derealization so common in spiritual and mystical experiences. These spiritual experiences are seen as similar to those of ordinary experiences except that they are tagged by the limbic system as of profound importance, meaningful, immensely joyous and of providing a sense of being connected to something greater than ourselves.

      The temporal lobe emotional memory system is often unable to distinguish between real, external events and non-real, internally generated non-real experiences. Thus, when these internally generated spiritual experiences occur they may be perceived as totally real.

      While they may be perceived as totally real, as Rational people we should take the knowledge mentioned above and always keep it in mind, thus helping to prevent us from falling prey into delusions.

  • Rocket Kirchner

    Wolf – Rocket Kirchner here. i have dialogued with Atheists for decades . Many are dear friends of mine . And they are smart and well read like myself . They all have one thing in common : They cannot refute Soren Kierkegaard .
    This is no light matter as you well know in the light of Objective Certainty( which does not exist) vs the Subjective Journey ( which does exist) we are all on.

    Christian Apologetics is a wash out waste of time. Kierkegaard would not waste his time with such nonsense. Todays Theists and Atheist debates all ring hallow and are all blown away by Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle ( a postori) and Godels Incompletness Theorom ( a priori). Hence the quicksand of the Epistemic.

    Yet – Kierkegaard remains – the Arsonist . In ”Philosophical Fragments” He shows where Feurbachs critique of Christianity as projection is in and of itself a projection setting up what Kierkegaard calls ”an acoustic illusion ”. But .. he states and i concur .. in the light of the great need to expose false Christianity, Infidels are welcome to join us …. so keep up the good work . all the best , Rocket

  • CD

    In your “About Me, you don’t share your credentials. What are your “credentials” other than your B.A in History. Or is that all? What are your credentials that justify your views, beliefs, and judgements? No faith is “A” faith in nothing. Still faith!

    • TheGodlessWolf

      //In your “About Me//

      You’re commenting on the About Me page so there is no reason to point that out.

      //you don’t share your credentials. What are your “credentials” other than your B.A in History.//

      By your own admission, a degree in History is a credential.

      Rather than listing which museums I worked at, which universities I went to or any other certificates I have, my primary role here on TWL is to be the team guy specialized in History. Our other members include a Physics Teacher, two biologists (one a marine biologist), a Philosopher, a Chemist, etc — the point is the main bulk of our team are scientists. And since TWL started as a team refuting creationist pseudoscience, we pretty much had the science fact-checking part covered in multiple fields of science. While a lot of Christian creationist arguments fly in the face of multiple fields of science, they also occasionally make arguments based on history. Examples: Was there a Roman census in Judea during the time of Herod before 6 CE? Do we have any first-hand contemporary sources for anything Jesus did or say? Is the evidence for Caesar weaker than the evidence for Jesus? (Btw, the answer to all is NO)

      That’s were I come in, and that is all I need share about my role on this team.

      //What are your credentials that justify your views, beliefs, and judgements?//

      There is no credential in Atheology. No one needs a special credential to justify their lack of belief in gods, all one needs is Critical Thinking, skepticism, logic, and a dose of intellectual honesty. Just as no one needs a degree in A-Unicornism in order to lack any belief in unicorns, nobody needs a degree in Atheology in order to justify their views, beliefs (or lack thereof), and judgements regarding whether a God exists or not.

      I do have credentials in History, and since all I cover is Atheism and History, I’d say all my relevant credentials have been shared. But more important than just credentials are sources and evidence, both of which I include in my blog posts. I may not be a biologist, but I can still provide mountains of proof of evolution that directly disprove creationism. The point is, evidence is crucial part of determining what is correct and what is incorrect, so always be sure to examine the evidence and arguments first.

      // No faith is “A” faith in nothing. Still faith!//


      Apistevism is a rejection of faith. Claiming that a rejection of faith-based epistemology is still somehow a faith-based epistemology is as illogical as stating a rejection of gullibility is still somehow in of itself gullibility. Rejecting gullibility does not make it “A” gullibility in nothing, it’s just a rejection of gullibility.

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